Professional Window Repairing

All you need for your sash windows in Sydney

Sydney Sash Window Expert restores and improves your original wooden windows! We all know the glamour and attraction of sash windows, especially in a heritage property. They not only look good but keep your room full of air and light as per the requirements. Thus, you must take proper care of them.

We are one of the leading names in this industry in The Northern Beaches and Sydney and we are here to help you with the process of sash window restoration. You can hire our sash window repair service to keep them in good condition and enhance their lifespan. We have experts who have immense knowledge about sash window repairing and restoration. They know the technicalities of such job and can perform it with ease.

As a sash window expert, we also offer the service of draught proofing for these windows to make your home perfectly insulated and to add value to your property. Our experts inspect the current condition of the windows and then start working on the same as per the demand of the situation.

Our Top Features

Qualities that make us unique

High-Class Products

All our high-quality products are imported from the UK and satisfaction is guaranteed. We are skilled enough to carry on the task in a flawless manner.

Excellent Customer Centric Service

We care for our customers and their properties. Thus, we take them through each stage of the project carefully and professionally.

Keeping The Property Clean

We clean the rooms after we finish our work and ensure that they will return back to their original state so that you do not need to go through any hassle.

Make Your Sash Windows Draught Proof

Benefits of draught proof sash windows are:

  • Improve insulation of your home
  • Reduce energy bills for heating and cooling
  • Stop the annoying rattly noise
  • Enjoy easy to operate sash windows with low friction seals
  • Reduce noise, dust, and other pollutants from outside
  • Add value to your property
  • Save money by restoring existing windows
  • Improve the comfort in your home
  • Protect heritage features
  • Environmental benefits by Re-using of existing windows

With so many advantages you cannot say NO to our draught proofing service for your double hung windows.

Our Professional Draught Proof Service includes:

  • Draught seal sash window system
  • Releasing Stuck windows
  • Installing new sash cords/Spiral Balances
  • Re-balance the sash weights
  • Service pully's
  • Replace staff and/or parting beads if needed
  • Line up meeting rail if needed
  • Replace locks and/or latches

Please feel free to call us with your window frame repair and replacement requirements in The Northern Beaches and Sydney