Timber window and frame repairs

Our Top Features

When it comes to repair or restore the wooden sash windows, we can offer you guaranteed services. Some of our top features are;

• We offer both repair and replacement of glass and putty of your sash windows.
• We use the high-class materials for this job to ensure the long life of your sash windows.
• Our experts are able to handle all kinds of heritage windows; no matter how critical the situation seems.
• Our team can delicately remove the broken glasses and the old putty from the windows and then replace them perfectly.
• We give priority to the safety issue of the inhabitants of the property while dealing with the glasses of the windows.
• We can offer you different kinds of glasses when you want us to replace your old glass from the windows.
• We have experts who are ready to provide you with exceptional services based on your individual needs.
• We offer glass installation, repair and replacement tasks.
• Our experts check the existing putty and find out the damaged parts to replace them with the new ones.

You can feel relaxed and happy when you hire our service of glass and putty repair for your wooden sash windows or double hung window.

Most Efficient Joint And Wood Repair Service For Your Heritage Sash Windows

To maintain the long life of the wooden sash windows of your heritage home, you need to take special care of the wood and the joints of the same. Our special knowledge in heritage carpentry helps us to perform this task with an ease. We import all our high-class products from the UK and hence we guarantee the best quality of the service as well as the products we use.

Best Protection Is Offered

The wood and joint of the windows should be protected from the natural process of wrecking. As time passes it is a common factor for all the wooden windows. They get damages and finally break down. If you can protect them from this gradual process of damage then you can easily enhance their lifespan. Our wood repair and replacement service are good for sash windows as well as the double hung window.

Whether it is the wooden window frame repair or the replacement of the woods – Sydney Sash Window Experts can help you in all of them.

Why It Is Important

Repairing and replacing the joints of the wooden windows is highly important to ensure that they function properly. Windows with broken or damaged joints cannot offer the best performance. We use the best quality products to replace the joints and secure them for a long time.

Our staffs have the training and certification for this job. Moreover, our 10 years experience in carpentry helps us to understand which type of repairing job is required for a certain type of window. This makes our jobs easy.

If you wish to know more about our joint and wood repair tasks then please feel free to call us.