Draught proof window system

Get Drought Proof Window System For Your Heritage Home

Easy way of draft sealing and drought proofing

Apart from the restoration and repairing of your wooden windows, Sydney Sash Window Expert do one more thing – they offer the service of proofing or draft sealing for the sash windows as well as the double hung windows to ensure their long life. In fact, draft proofing and draft sealing is our strongest area in this field and we are confident enough about our skill and capabilities.

Proofing is necessary to make your property completely insulated which will definitely add some value to your property too.

How We Perform This

We have the required experience and skill to offer you draught proof sash windows for your house in a flawless manner. The brush pile draft seal is machined into beadings, top & meeting rails to offer you smooth sliding windows which are perfect for noise and draft reduction and help you in reducing your monthly energy bills.


Price starts from $500 (for each window with 2 double-hung sash windows).

Our Services Includes

We offer complete draft sealing and draft proofing services within this price. If you want to know the details then they are right below;

• We remove all beadings and sashes
• We replace all beadings with our brush pile seals and draft seal system installed into red cedar beadings
• We check sashes for any loose joint, machine top and meeting rails of sashes
• We install seals and check glass and putty for damage
• We also replace any loose putty and check pulleys are oiled and operable
• Check the counterbalance weight system as well
• We also install new cotton Sash cord for the top and bottom windows (4 cords)
• We reinstall all new beading's and sashes, existing fittings
• set all beading's correctly to allow for painting and smooth sliding windows

Some of the counterbalance weight may need replacement also. Our experts can handle this matter too and you do not need to worry about such things.

Benefits Of Draft Sealed Windows

There are lots of benefits of having draft sealed sash windows in your heritage house.

1. Reduce road noise
2. Stop rattly windows
3. Increase insulation
4. Increase property value
5. Reduce energy bills for heating/cooling
6. Stop insects, dust and pollution
7. Easy to open and close your windows
8. Maintains the original architectural look
9. Environmental benefits by re-using existing windows

Thus, whenever you wish to have drought proof window system in your house, call us. Our draft seal recondition service is affordable and perfect for the heritage houses in The Northern Beaches and Sydney.