Sash cord replacement

Careful Process Of Replacing The Sash Cords

Sydney Sash Window Experts has specialists of sash window maintenance who can perform the task of sash window restoration and sash cord replacement in a professional manner in The Northern Beaches and Sydney.

It is necessary to take proper care of your heritage sash windows so that they can offer you the best service. Sash windows or double hung window have various small but significant parts which must be in proper order to make the entire thing functional. The staff beads and the cords are something like that.

Experienced Professionals

At Sydney Sash Window Experts, we have trained and certified professionals who have immense experience in sash window replacement, repair and restoration tasks. For them, it is an easy task to replace.

They know how to remove the old ones, get the right measurement of the windows, cut the cords according to that measurement and then set them on the window. Our experts can also install new cotton Sash cord for top and bottom windows.