Sash window hardware

Perfect Servicing For The Hardware Of Sash Windows

As the experts of sash window repairing and replacement, we can manage the hardware part of the same with an ease. There is hardly anything related to the hardware of sash window that we cannot handle.

Starting from the pulleys to the sash locks – we can repair and replace anything and everything as per your demand and budget.

Perfect Servicing For The Pulleys Of Your Sash Windows

Pulleys play a vital role in keeping your sash windows in their best working mode. This is one of the important parts in a sash window which is placed into the side of the window frame. The exact position is near the top of the window so that sash cord, as well as the sash chain, can pass over the pulleys in a smooth manner; without creating any interruption.

Other Hardware Services That We Offer

• Sash weights
• Sash lifters
• Sash locks
• Child safety window restrictors
• Sash window fastener

No matter how critical the matter may seem, we have the skill to handle it and ensure the perfect performance of your sash windows.